The learning process can bring enjoyment and happiness.

What makes me strive forward is to see my students going through “aha moments”!

Coming from a family of teachers, I take pleasure in explaining things, in breaking things down, in being analytical and precise. But apart from having the tools for the comprehension of a figure or an exercise, the ability to feel a movement is still the most important thing to me.

I believe in learning with a direct feedback method. It can be a camera, but even better is a teacher who can give you instant corrections. I will never teach online courses.


I am currently available to teach meteor, handstands/acrodance, and also available to work as an ‘outside eye’ for ongoing creations.

I believe in sharing and I love to play, train and practice together as it always brings me forward. Come and meet me in the Studio.

I am a

Contemporary circus performer focusing on the fusion of meteor manipulation and the art of movement




the mind of a juggler

the body of an acrobat

the soul of a dancer.

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