Collective Work and Collaborations

FASE by Marta & Kim

Marta and Kim (NO/NL) is an emerging company making work that fuses dance and contemporary circus. I became a collaborator and performer in FASE, their third creation, which is an exploration of the movement dynamics of three bodies in symbiosis. I am involved in the making and performig this piece.



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Pile en Face

Pile-en-face consists of five young artists of different disciplines such as hand-to-hand, object manipulation and acrobatics.

This Rotterdam based circus company consists of David Mupanda (NL), Remi L’ebocey (FR), Tom-André Henden (NO), Marieke Thijssen (NL) and Vincent Kollar (DE).


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Collective Penguin Productions

Penguin Productions is the first contemporary circus company emerging from CODARTS Circus Arts (Rotterdam). A fresh, young and diverse group of high level performers - 10 circus artists and two musicians. Their show is about risk and tension carried by the collectivity of the group, all driven by live music. It is a self sufficient show with a 7 meter human rigged portico.


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Poortgebouw Open Stage

During my stay in Rotterdam I was living in a community project called Poortgebouw. The building provided enough space for us to host a regular event called "Poortgebouw Open Stage". I am proud to have been one of the persons who originally started this initiative. Our goal was to provide a platform for experimenting in the performing arts with an atmosphere that is about fun and celebration. Throughout the years it became quite popular but always kept its spirit as an underground event.


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Scapino Ballet Rotterdam

From 2014 - 2021 I was a guest artist for the creation and tour of the piece "The Great Bean" by the company Scapino Ballet Rotterdam. It is thrillimg to have the opportunity to immerse myself in the dance practice and to be able to implement my circus skill in this context.

"The Great Bean takes place in the atmosphere of the roaring twenties, the emergence of jazz, Hollywood and vaudeville on Broadway with new dance styles like Charleston and tap dance. With professional circus artists, magic acts and dance, The Great Bean is a unique crossover of dance and entertainment."

I am a

Contemporary circus performer focusing on the fusion of meteor manipulation and the art of movement




the mind of a juggler

the body of an acrobat

the soul of a dancer.

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