Rigging Services

Do you need a rigger, a belayer or just an expert for advice?

Do you have a Show and need somebody off stage to save your life?

Are the words “Pulley system”, “counterweight”, “gear and forces” a foreign language to you?


Having extensive experience and being a certified rigger by the Association of Riggers and Grounders of Holland, I am available to give you advice and all the information you need in order to work safely and efficiently. I also an active member of the ProCirque working community concerning ‘security in the circus field’.


Being a climber and an Aerialist myself, I am passionate about this kind of work and do it with great enjoyment!

I am a

Contemporary circus performer focusing on the fusion of meteor manipulation and the art of movement




the mind of a juggler

the body of an acrobat

the soul of a dancer.

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