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What is the value for the Earth’s resources?

How can we take care of our planet if we don’t even have time to cook for ourselves?

This piece revolves around water (specifically, a LIMITED amount of water!). It aims to raise questions and offer reflections around the theme of “sustainability” and to generate hope and trust that alternative paths are possible.

Water is used as weight, as source and as container of energy.

As a precious resource.

Never spilling a drop.


In this piece, ropes and buckets give birth to a new object, a re-invented meteor. The meteor requires water as weight. Motion and centrifugal forces of this traditional ancient Chinese discipline accentuate the visualisation of circles and cycles. This is used to define the physical and aesthetic language of this piece.

Furthermore, a DIY counterweight rigging system, with a barrel and a Washington Trapeze will be used to show that environmentally friendly ways of life (and also of doing things like ‘circus’) are possible.



- 30 minutes - 50 minutes, (this piece is currently under development)


Technical Requirements

- stage dimensions: 6 x 6 x 6 meters (WxDxH)

I am a

Contemporary circus performer focusing on the fusion of meteor manipulation and the art of movement




the mind of a juggler

the body of an acrobat

the soul of a dancer.

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