A man and an object.

Who is in control?

How far can you go before you lose it?

In this act Vincent combines the accuracy of his mastery of the ancient traditional Chinese juggling object (meteor) with the intensity of his dance and acrobatic movement.

Put this object in Vincent’s hands, and you will get a crossover in time and culture that cannot be boxed nor labelled.

There is actually hardly anyone in the world who can do what Vincent does with his meteor. Have a look for yourselves, here is Vincent Kollar!



- 7 Minutes


Technical Requirements

- stage dimensions: 6 x 6 x 6 meters (WxDxH)

- frontal or circular audience disposition

- smooth, levelled and flat dance floor

- Indoor (preferable), outdoor

I am a

Contemporary circus performer focusing on the fusion of meteor manipulation and the art of movement




the mind of a juggler

the body of an acrobat

the soul of a dancer.

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